Lego’s Amazing Spider-Man hits the shelves

Your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger

If you are an art connoisseur above the age of 18 but yet cling to your childhood? Well, Lego’s new Amazing Spider-Man kit is the perfect showpiece for you. The kit is a part of the Lego Art category and sports Spider-Man with his signature pose. The base of the kit is a frame on which you can follow the instructions to get a dimensional portrait of the webhead.

With 2099 pieces making it up, you wonder if it would be more suited to Miguel O‘Hara however Peter sure isn't a disappointment either. When it comes to the portrait the face and hands of Spider-Man are adjustable to your own liking and the whole image has a very popping comic book theme that certainly catches the eye. Made specifically for adults this certainly is a good reason for your significant other to complain about once you hang it above your bed. The set comes priced at $199.99 (₹16,500 approx).