Lego just launched a 3981-piece Batcave with the Batmobile and several mini-figs

We hope you’ve saved up for this one

Why did Batman go to the Lego store? Well, because he’s rich. If you too relate to Batman’s sentiment or lucrative power, this new Lego set is for you. The brand is about to drop the Batcave set from the iconic Batman Returns movie, and it's no joke! With a whopping 3,981 pieces, this set will make your Lego-obsessed heart skip a beat. It even comes with an all-star cast of mini-figs, including the ever-charming Alfred, sassy Catwoman, Penguin, and Max Shreck.

But hold on tight because this Batcave set is more than an average build. It's a work of art that you will have to proudly display on your shelf. When you swing open the diorama, you'll reveal a Batcave. It's essentially like having your very own secret lair, suspended over a pit, just like the Caped Crusader himself!

Now, let's talk about the play features because Lego doesn't disappoint. There are dials that open secret vaults, spin Batman's chair, and even rotate the images on his surveillance screens. It's a bat-tastic experience! There’s even light brick that illuminates Batman's suit. Who knew Lego could make a superhero's fashion this lit?

But here's the kicker: this set also includes the iconic 1989 Batmobile with pop-up machine guns! Activate them with a little dial, because why not? Plus, there's a garage for all your Batmobile repair needs, complete with a push-button garage door.

So, prepare yourself and cosy up to your overseas relatives because this Batcave set will hit the shelves on June 8th, and it'll cost you about $399 (₹32,000 approx). But hey, who needs to pay rent when you can have the Batcave, right? Just make sure to sign up as a Lego VIP member for that exclusive pre-sale action on June 5th.