Lexus LM set to launch with an array of tech specs

Theatre on wheels

Attention all luxury lovers and chauffeur-haters! The new Lexus LM MPV has been unveiled in Shanghai, and it's set to hit the Indian market soon. This Luxury Mover is based on the TNGA-K modular platform and comes with a petrol-hybrid powertrain, but let's be real, it's all about the long list of fancy features.

Inside the LM, passengers can indulge in airline-style recliner seats, a 48in widescreen TV, and a premium 23-speaker surround-sound audio system. Enough to make the Stuff HQ drool! There are even fold-out tables, several USB ports, and wireless phone chargers, so you can keep your devices charged while you sit back and relax. For those who like to keep things private, there's a dimmable glass panel that can be raised or lowered for privacy.

The luxury doesn't stop there! The LM also boasts noise-reducing wheels and tyres, active noise control and a digital rear-view mirror. If you want to control everything from your seat, a separate smartphone-style control panel can adjust the climate, seat functions, and even the window blinds.

For those of you wondering about power, the LM will come with two petrol-hybrid options, including a self-charging hybrid engine and four-wheel drive. So get ready to ride in style and comfort, because the new Lexus LM is here to take you to your destination with luxury, elegance, and all the bells and whistles you could ever want.