Limited edition Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph Night Driver can make your after hours drive more intense

Fancy a piece of Swiss watchmaking?

Just like the thrill of a nighttime drive, Tag Heuer's latest watch embraces the enchantment of driving after the sun goes down. The exclusive Tag Heuer Monaco Night Driver is a timepiece with a fully luminescent dial for those who relish the excitement of driving in the dark.

The dial's exterior is light grey during the day, but as the sun sets and night falls, it undergoes a transformation into a vibrant, glowing blue. The black-lacquered indexes, that tell the hours, also join the party with their own luminous touch. Even the chronograph registers join in on the blue glow, creating a contrast with the black minute and hour markings. The minute and second hash-marks shine brightly, making it easier to take precise readings.

Courtesy of the Super-LumiNova, the timepiece is able to expand its luminosity across a broader surface area, making the dial more visible in the dark for three hours after being fully charged. Look inside and you'll find the in-house Heuer 02 movement. And, an 80-hour power reserve can keep this watch ticking through an entire (night) race weekend.

The TAG Heuer Monaco Night Driver is a limited edition timepiece with only 600 pieces built. It's hitting the scene right before the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix for a price of ₹948,600.