MakeMyTrip will use Microsoft’s AI to help you plan your trip

Hindi to begin with!

The next time you visit MakeMyTrip to book a delightful vacation and encounter a meticulously crafted plan based on your preferences and in your mother tongue, don't be spooked. It’s just MakeMyTrip and Microsoft’s new partnership. It’s to enhance the inclusivity and accessibility of travel planning through voice-enabled booking in various Indian languages.

This is powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service’s GPT technology and you can chat with the AI which will analyse your specific requirements and sift through all the options, to recommend, customise and book holiday packages for you. Not only that, but it can also whip up the holiday package based on all sorts of nifty inputs like occasion, budget, activity preferences and even the time of your travels. So, whether you're a beach bum or a mountain goat, MMT got you covered!

The beta version of the integration is now live in English and Hindi for flights and holidays. You can activate it straight from the landing page of the platform. So, get chatting and start planning your next adventure!