Nikon Zf is a full-frame mirrorless camera

Pushing the boundaries of photography

Attention discerning connoisseurs of visual storytelling! Nikon has launched the all-new Nikon Z f, a full-frame/FX-format mirrorless camera that embraces the Nikon Z mount. Drawing inspiration from the heritage of Nikon film cameras, the Z f combines tech with a classic design. 

The camera's body is made from magnesium alloy and has a glossy finish, lending it that classic vibe. Plus, it has got brass for the dials, shutter-release button, and power switch. And remember that Nikon logo from back in the day? The company has brought it back. You can also choose from six different colours for the artificial leather grip. 

The Nikon Z f packs a full-frame sensor and shares the same EXPEED 7 image-processing engine as Nikon's flagship mirrorless, the Z9. That means it's a pro at tracking moving subjects, ensuring your shots stay sharp. It offers nine types of subject detection, both for photos and videos, just like the Z8

It comes with 5-axis in-camera vibration reduction (VR), providing an 8.0-stop advantage in shutter speed. Nikon says it's the best among Nikon Z series cameras. If you're into video, there's improved electronic VR to keep things steady. Plus, it is claimed to be the world's first camera with focus-point VR, which means even those tricky shots at the edge of the frame stay sharp. 

Besides the classic Monochrome Picture Control, you also get two new options – Flat Monochrome and Deep Tone Monochrome Picture Controls, each with its unique tones. There's a dedicated B&W mode switch that lets you switch to black-and-white photography in a snap. Plus, the Creative Picture Controls lets you have more creative expression. The Z f is also said to be a pioneer in pixel-shift shooting, which combines multiple NEF (RAW) files to create super high-resolution photos. 

For videos, you can record 10-bit H.265 footages right in the camera with minimal peripheral devices. And if you're into 4K UHD video, the Z f has you covered with 6K oversampling for super sharp footage. Plus, you can record up to about 125 minutes of 4K UHD/60p video for longer scenes. And you also get video features from the Z9, like adjusting ISO sensitivity in steps of 1/6 EV and a handy red frame display during video recording. It's all about making your video work as smooth as possible. The Nikon Z f will be available to purchase starting mid-October 2023 for ₹1,76,995.