Nokia T10 tablet is an affordable tablet to keep the whole family entertained

It ain’t a brick, but you can start them young

It seems Nokia has really targeted the family-friendly market these days with most of their products. First, we got the Nokia 2660 Flip that was pretty much catered to the old folks. Now we get the Nokia T10 tablet. Priced from ₹11,799, it is a budget-friendly option for all iPad kids of today.

Packing on Android 12, this tablet sports an 8in HD display. It may not be the iPad Air Pro Max Ultra Plus…etc etc, in terms of size but it definitely looks huge in the hands of little kiddos. If Peppa Pig happens to be the flavour of the month, prepare to hear no end of it, courtesy of the stereo speakers and OZO playback. It also comes with a second screen feature to make the Nokia T10 mirror its display to your PC or a Laptop, providing an even bigger screen for when work is a priority (or simply while screening for a whole lot of minions at the same time)!

As for where to find your content, Google Entertainment Space is the one-stop solution for content where all your subscription services are consolidated. So there is no need to keep hopping from one app to another. The device even brings Google Kids Space, which consolidates a library of content perfect for little ones, including apps, games, books and videos to help them explore, learn and discover. The Kids Space app works with the Family Link app from Google, enabling you to guide your kids’ experience by managing content, setting screen time limits and keeping their cyber safety a priority, all from your own device.

The LTE +WiFi version is set to launch soon. Currently, it is only available with Wifi. The device will receive three years of monthly security updates too. Last, but most importantly, owing to its Nokia build you can expect the solid, durable unibody polymer design to keep the device scratch-free and intact, even at the hands of violent toddlers. So hey, it's perfect for the little ones, just don’t forget to socialize them while you are at it.