Pagani Huayra R simulator is an advanced virtual driving system that exactly replicates the real car

Up for some wheel-to-wheel action?

Pagani has taken the wraps off its latest Huayra R simulator. Developed in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, this certainly isn't your run-of-the-mill gaming rig. It's a hyper-realistic simulator and it's designed to prep Huayra R owners for Arte in Pista events. It is currently reserved for only Huayra R owners but it's set to rev up the excitement for everyone when it hits Pagani dealers worldwide.

Crafted with the same carbon fibre used in Pagani hypercars and featuring the actual controls of the Huayra R, this simulator is as much a work of art as it is a training tool. Its development focused on replicating the car's dynamics and aerodynamics, thanks to three degrees of freedom that provide the driver with pitch, roll, and yaw motion cues.

To immerse drivers even further, a 5.1 audio system has been integrated that recreates the thunderous roar of the R's 900bhp V12 engine. All the sounds are the result of meticulous trackside and in-car recording sessions and can be experienced through the included VR headphones.

Every detail of the driving setup, from the steering wheel to the pedals, seat, and belts, mirrors that of the Huayra R, blurring the lines between a gaming accessory and a collector's item. Components like the Hi-Fi system and VR system, crafted from aluminium, undergo the same meticulous machining-from-solid process as Pagani cars, highlighting their artisanal care.

In a bid to deepen the connection between the car and the simulator, even the air vents found in hypercars—typically used to dissipate brake and engine heat—have been integrated into the simulator's base. This not only optimises software processing cooling but also adds to the overall immersive experience, ensuring a smoother ride for virtual racers.

The hardware setup includes an integrated high-performance gaming computer housed in the base, a curved screen, and a dedicated wooden Flight Case. For software, the simulator adopts the Assetto Corsa Pro interface, guaranteeing an incredibly lifelike experience with laser-scanned circuits and other advanced technologies.  While Pagani has chosen to keep the price under wraps for now, you can bet it will be nothing short of jaw-dropping!