Redragon Caraxes Pro K644 SE is a portable lightweight keyboard with hot-swappable mechanical switches

Pocket-friendly gaming

Redragon has launched a new budget gaming keyboard called the Caraxes Pro K644 SE. It's like a regular keyboard, but more compact and portable. It's 65% the size of a regular keyboard, which means it's perfect for those who like to travel with their gadgets. You can take it with you to your friend's house for a gaming marathon or just to your favourite coffee shop to show off your fancy keyboard.

This keyboard is perfect for people who like to be connected to everything at once. You can connect it to your laptop, desktop, tablet or even your phone. The Caraxes Pro has more connectivity options than a Tinder profile. It's got Bluetooth, mini USB, and can connect to any device with Bluetooth v5.0 or v3.0. 

The Caraxes Pro has hot-swappable linear Red mechanical switches that can support OUTEMU and all 3/5-pin switches on the market. It's so easy to switch out, even a grandma could do it. Plus, the keyboard lights up like a Christmas tree with individual 16.8m RGB LEDs. Best of all, it’s practically a steal at just ₹6,990.