Samsung Frame TV now has more art from Indian artists

The art world is your oyster!

If you have The Frame at home you would be well aware of the fun of constantly transforming your living room ambience just like an art gallery that refuses to be stagnant. Now, this element of fun is going to multiply as Samsung has dropped a brand-new collection of Indian contemporary artworks for its lifestyle TV. So if you like a little blend of culture and tradition in that humble abode of yours this will make you quite happy.

Samsung teamed up with the cool cats at, the hub for all things contemporary art in India. And brought the treasure trove of masterpieces that capture the essence of India's artistic traditions. The collaboration also gives emerging young artists a chance to skyrocket their creativity and shine bright.

These artworks will be available on all models of The Frame TV. And you can get your hands on them via the exclusive art store on The Frame TV. The collection will be in addition to the already existing 2100 artworks in The Frame’s art store. So whether you're an art aficionado who knows their taste or a newbie just dipping your toes into the artistic ocean, you’ll be able to find something to tickle your fancy.