Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED gaming monitors are ultra-wide beauties

Have your gaming dreams come true!

In a world where ordinary just won't cut it, gather 'round gamers and behold Samsung’s 2023 line-up of Odyssey OLED G9 Gaming Monitors. The series includes the Odyssey G95SC, the G93SC and the Odyssey G85SB.

Think of a 49in display that stretches far and wide with a 32:9 aspect ratio. Now think about two such screens because both the G95SC and G93SC models come armed with the power of OLED panels, Dual QHD resolution, 250 nits of brightness and (saving the best lot the last) the gentle curvature of 1800R.

And if you're a fan of eye-popping colours, make merry! Because both the models have VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification and AMD's FreeSync Premium Pro. The G95SC steals the spotlight with its Neo Quantum Processor Pro, a genius piece of tech that adjusts brightness and contrast all on its own. With its 0.03ms (GTG) response time and a 240Hz refresh rate, lets call it the Speedy Gonzales of gaming monitors. And the world's first DQHD OLED (5120x1440) resolution.

For some extras, Samsung has also thrown in the Game Bar, the IoT Hub, smart TV apps and Voice assistance. And did we tell you about the dual 5W stereo speakers that'll blast soundtracks straight into your eardrums?

Now, the Odyssey G93SC, with dual QHD, a resolution of 5120 x 1440 and a 32:9 ratio, it's pretty decent too. A 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.03ms (GTG) response time mean you'll have no excuses for not nabbing those headshots.

The Odyssey G85SB is here to join the party too! It may not have the same screen size, but it compensates with a WQHD resolution of 3440x1440. It boasts a 175Hz refresh rate and the CoreSync feature that brings the on-screen colours to life, matching them with a synchronised lighting show. The Odyssey G95SC comes for ₹1,99,999. We’ll update this piece when we have word on the prices of the other models.