Samsung Robotic Jet Bot+ vacuum cleaners have a LiDAR sensor to clean better

Ready to be blown away (and not just by the suction power)

Tired of your average dust-buster? Samsung's latest Bespoke Jet series (Jet Pro Extra and Jet Pet) features an integrated digital display that shows charging levels, running time, suction power, maintenance, and error guides, along with a telescopic pipe and washable dustbin. And comes with an all-in-one clean station-based design which parks, charges and cleans automatically.

It has a lightweight design, weighing 1.44 kgs (handheld body) and can run for up to two hours at a stretch, well as per Samsung. Also, the brand ensures that the new Bespoke range is equipped with a more enhanced Digital Inverter Motor than its predecessor.

And want to automate the way you suck up (dirt)? The Robotic Jet Bot+ has a LiDAR (Light detection and ranging) sensor that tracks Jet Bot’s location by scanning a room to gather distance information. So it moves around efficiently and covers more of your home.

Plus you can control and monitor the Jet Bot+ using the SmartThings app or even better just give it a voice command using Bixby, Alexa or Google Home Assistant. And just like other bot cleaners, you can also use the app to custom-define virtual No-Go Zones to prevent the unit from entering certain areas like the bathroom or balcony. 

As for price, the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra is priced at ₹89,900, Bespoke Jet Pet at ₹79,900 and Jet Bot+ at ₹65,900.