Sennheiser Profile condenser microphone promises quality for budget

Just plug and play

Want to slay your podcast game like a pro? Direct your focus to the new Sennheiser Profile USB microphone. The cardioid condenser microphone has the potential to take your voice a long way from the average Joe.

At the heart of the Profile USB microphone is a Sennheiser condenser capsule, the KE 10. Whether streaming or singing, its cardioid pick-up pattern is meant to keep your voice in focus. You can just plug it into the USB-C port of your computer or tablet and the device will automatically recognize the microphone, and voila, it's ready to capture your voice. Also, there is no need for an interface or any additional software so basically, it's plug-and-play. 

At its front, the Profile USB Mic features a soft-touch, no-noise mute button, a gain control for the microphone, a mix control to set the balance between your voice and the computer/tablet audio, plus a volume control for headphone monitoring. Headphones or earphones can be connected via a 3.5 mm socket at the back of the Profile USB microphone.

LED rings on the Profile show the operating status. When the LED ring around the gain control is green, the mic is ready to go. When the same light ring turns yellow, the mic is clipping and you need to reduce the mic gain. When the microphone has been muted, light rings around the mute button light up red.

The microphone should be positioned within 15 cm (6 in) from your mouth or the sound source to ensure both clarity and warmth. It can be tilted for optimum positioning, the self-locking joint will ensure that the mic stays in position. The side-address microphone is available as a table stand version at ₹10,900 and the Profile Streaming Set with a 3-point self-locking boom arm is available at ₹15,999. The Profile, in itself, costs ₹7499.