Sony Bravia X80L television series is designed to get you life-like picture quality!

Once you see this display, you'll be spoiled for all others

Sony has just launched its latest Bravia X80L television series, and as per the brand the telly’s got all the bells and whistles to give you an immersive viewing experience.

While the regular TV sets have one black-to-white contrast curve, this one comes with the X1 4K HDR picture processor, which uses Object-based HDR Remaster to analyze and adjust color and contrast in individual objects on-screen for greater depth, textures, and more realistic pictures.

Plus the Triluminos Pro algorithm helps detect color from saturation, hue, and brightness to reproduce natural shades when it comes to details. Powered by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the X80L is said to create cinematic experience with enhanced highlights, deeper darks and vibrant colors. So the next time you wish to go for a movie just switch on your new Bravia.

An interesting feature: this fancy pants TV is like a chameleon, it adjusts its brightness to fit the room. Also, it uses the Acoustic Auto Calibration Technology to detect your position to optimize sound. Plus, it can detect pesky objects that might mess with your audio experience and manage the sound accordingly.

Plus, its flush surface design gives it a clean and contemporary look. Thanks to Google TV, finding your favorite content is easy with this telly,  just ask Google, and personalized recommendations will appear. And with Voice Search, you can find your favorite content faster than ever without needing a remote.

So why settle for mediocre TV when you can have the Bravia X80L series from Sony? Available in 215 cm (85), 126 cm (50), and 108 cm (43) sizes, the range starts at ₹ 99,900.