Sony Float Run headphones are designed for runners and athletes

The sonic stride!

Sony's newest wireless headphones, the Float Run WI-OE610, are tailored for runners and athletes. The headphones have an off-ear design that situates the speaker near the ear without making contact with the ear canal. Plus, their lightweight and flexible neckband ensures stability during movement.

Sony says the off-ear construction is aimed at providing prolonged comfort, eliminating any pressure or discomfort on the ears. Weighing around 33 grams, the headphones underwent testing on different head shapes and hairstyles. Moreover, they claim to maintain stability even when used with accessories like hats or sunglasses.

The Float Run headphones pack 16mm drivers and their open-type design aims to eliminate echoes, allowing ambient sounds to blend naturally with music for a spatial and authentic listening experience.

Moreover, the headphones have an IPX4 splash-proof rating and provide up to 10 hours of playtime. Sony claims a brief 10-minute charge yields an hour of usage. Additionally, equipped with USB-C charging, these headphones are priced at ₹10,990 and are available in black.