Sony MDR-MV1 open-back headphones and C-80 microphone are aimed at professionals

Ready to up your ace game?

Let’s take you through some new Sony goodies! First up, is the MDR-MV1 reference monitor headphones. These are aimed straight at sound engineers and music creators. With their open-back design, they're about delivering accurate sound reproduction and making them perfect for mixing and mastering those fancy immersive sounds like 360 Reality Audio.

Sony says these headphones take spatial sound to a whole new level. They've got an extended sound experience that'll make you feel like you're in a 360-degree space. And sound object positioning with a wide frequency range and natural high frequencies. Plus, the fancy open-back thing eliminates internal sounds and resonances.

The MDR-MV1 (₹39,990) reference monitor headphones come with breathable earpads and are said to be lightweight. Plus there is a detachable cable and adapters, in case the attachment is too much to handle.

Next is the C-80 microphone (₹49,990). This device is basically for you if you are into voice recording, instrument recording, vlogging, webcasting, and podcasting. The brand says it is packed with the best technology from Sony's top-notch microphones (C-800G and popular C-100), so you can safely expect some serious audio-catching firepower.

The C-80 comes with a special Noise Elimination Construction feature that fights off any pesky vibrations. And, its dual diaphragm configuration keeps your vocals stable even when you get up close (and personal) with the mic. Sony says the C-80 captures those tight and rich mid-range sounds, making your vocals shine like a superstar even when mixed with other instruments.