Sony PlayStation 5 new model to come with a detachable disc drive?

Attach before you detach

The PlayStation 5 came with a NextGen console, a controller with adaptive

triggers, touchpad and to top it all galaxy-inspired coloured covers for style-minded gamers. Sony does seem to look after its loyal customers, right? 

Now, mid-way through the generation the brand is reportedly ready to launch a new version with a fancy hybrid disc drive (however we are not yet sure how it’s going to impact the gaming experience.) 

An inside report reveals that the company is planning to install a removable disc drive in the new 2023 PS5 model. The drive will apparently connect to the device with a USB Type-C port. 

Even though the functionality of this removable drive isn’t much talked about yet, it certainly qualifies as a ‘new’ feature for any gaming console. It is also expected to enhance the reparability level of the console. 

Furthermore, there are speculations that the new version will have major hardware upgrades. Wish for the console to shed a few pounds? We certainly do. This PS5 model will also allegedly sport a ‘D’ designation that will have components similar to older models. Isn’t all this enough to tease our gaming enthusiasts?