Sony PlayStation VR 2 might soon be launched in India for ₹57,999, leaks reveal

Exciting times for VR enthusiasts in India!

Hey VR fans, here's some buzz! PSVR 2, the next-gen VR headset from PlayStation that dropped back in February, but hasn't hit Indian shores yet may come to India soon. Recent scoops are hinting that it might finally make its way here soon and its price in India has been leaked too.

Games market analyst Rishi Alwani recently retweeted a post by user Piyush Pandey, hinting at the potential arrival of PSVR2 in India before the Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition. Alwani chimed in, acknowledging Piyush's reliable track record and hinted that Sony India might drop an announcement regarding PSVR 2 "this month itself."

Adding to the intrigue, another user named Devang Chhabria responded to Alwani's post with a promo image showcasing the PSVR 2 in India, complete with the mentioned Indian pricing. According to this post, gamers eager for the virtual reality experience might be looking at a price tag of ₹57,999 once the headset becomes available.

Rishi Alwani then shared another update on X regarding the PSVR 2 launch in India, providing more juicy details. According to his latest post, he confirmed the previously mentioned price of ₹57,999 for the PSVR 2. Additionally, he mentioned the introduction of the PSVR 2 Horizon Bundle at ₹62,000. Alwani's post also indicated that preorders for the PSVR 2 might kick off as soon as this week.