Sony Ult Power Sound speakers and headphones come with a promise to offer ‘deep bass’ and ‘powerful sound’

Calling all party animals!

Sony is turning up the volume in India with its latest audio lineup, the 'Ult Power Sound' series. Featuring three Bluetooth speakers and a pair of wireless headphones, this series promises to deliver “deep bass”. The lineup: includes — the Ult Tower 10, Ult Field 7, Ult Field 1 speaker, and the Ult Wear headphones. Each product comes with a special 'ULT' button, letting you switch between two audio modes and customise your listening experience.

The biggest and most expensive in the range is Ult Tower 10, the ultimate party speaker. Featuring Sony's Ult Power Sound technology, this speaker boosts low-end frequencies and delivers bass that you can feel in your bones. The special ULT button in the Ult Tower 10 lets you choose between a deeper, more resonant bass or a punchier, more dynamic bass.  This speaker is also a visual treat, with omnidirectional lighting that syncs up with the music. Plus, with echo and key controls located on the top panel, you can fine-tune your sound. Priced at ₹89,990, the Ult Tower 10 is a party powerhouse. 

If you love taking the party wherever you go, then the Ult Field 7 should be your pick. The Ult Field 7 features dynamic lighting, and if you're a karaoke fan, you're in luck because the speaker comes with a microphone port. Sony says the Ult Field 7 supports quick charging and has a battery life of up to 30 hours. Plus, it's IP67 rated making it resistant to water and dust-resistant. Controls for echo and key adjustments are located on the back panel. Plus, with Party Connect, you can link up to 100 compatible speakers for the ultimate party experience. The Ult Field 7 is priced at ₹39,990.

Meanwhile, the Ult Field 1 is a compact Bluetooth speaker that features a built-in microphone with Echo Cancelling technology, offers 12 hours of battery life and IP67 water and dust resistance. Available in black, off-white, forest grey, and orange, the Ult Field 1 is priced at ₹10,990. 

Last but certainly not least, the Ult Wear wireless headphones. Designed for the ultimate bass experience, these headphones look like a bass enthusiast's dream, supporting personalised EQs, 360 Reality Audio, and active noise cancellation. Powered by the Integrated Processor V1, the same processor used in Sony's high-end 1000X series, these headphones are said to deliver unrivalled sound quality.

The Ult Wear headphones also feature moldable cushions for a comfortable fit, wear detection to pause playback when you remove them, and multipoint connectivity for an easy user experience. Priced at ₹16,990, these headphones are on their way to becoming a must-have for anyone who loves their bass.