Sony XS-162 GS and XS-160GS car speakers are tuned for Indian preferences

Take your driving experience on a sonic joyride!

Sony’s latest XS-162GS and XS-160GS car speakers can leave your regular car audio systems eating dust. Sony says the GS range brings a revamped audio experience with fine-tuned acoustics tailored specially for the Indian market.

The XS-162GS offers 16 cm (6½”) 2-way component speakers, while the XS-160GS features 16 cm (6½”) 2-way coaxial speakers. Both models incorporate polypropylene cone woofers, foam rubber surrounds, and silk dome tweeters. Sony says the speakers deliver rich bass, responsive notes, and natural sound dispersion.

With 350W peak power and 60W RMS, XS-162GS and XS-160GS come with a promise of enhanced clarity and powerful output. Sony also claims that the reduced size of the tweeter chassis and the shallower woofer basket minimise physical interference with factory grilles. Additionally, the in-line crossover networks facilitate easy wiring, allowing for installation in a wider range of vehicles. Priced at ₹16,990 and ₹12,990 respectively, the speakers will be available from May 27, 2024, at select car dealers across India.