Spotify's lossless audio may debut as a part of 'Music Pro' subscription

Appears to be on the horizon!

Spotify has been teasing its lossless music service for quite some time, building anticipation among music enthusiasts. Now, a report by The Verge reveals that Spotify has been gearing up to introduce a new “Music Pro” plan that will offer the much-awaited lossless audio quality along with other features. 

According to a report by 9to5mac, Spotify is also planning to add several features to its new tier with lossless audio. For instance, Music Pro will unlock a new remix feature to “speed up, mash up, and otherwise edit” tracks. The report also hints towards “some kind of headphone optimisation” for specific models, such as Apple’s AirPods. Additionally, there’s evidence of more advanced AI-based filters for finding and creating playlists.

The launch date and pricing for Spotify's new Music Pro tier are still uncertain. However, it's expected to be priced higher than the platform's regular premium version, reflecting the added features and benefits, including lossless audio quality and other enhancements.