Stuff September Issue is here

For all you tech connoisseurs!

As we step into the holiday season, our tables at the Stuff HQ are filling up faster than a kid's candy bag on a Halloween night with (of course) devices brimming with tech. As you dive headfirst into this month's issue, here's a heads-up – there’s a party going on inside the September issue of Stuff India so dress up and indulge, dear reader!

From the exhilarating reimagination of next-gen Minis to the triumphant return of the legendary Land Rover Defender, this month's issue is packed with automotive wonders. And, we've got a surprise treat for you! Keep your eyes peeled for a fleet of vibrant Lamborghinis. We won't spill the beans just yet, though, because we want you to embark on your own thrilling quest. Of course the team has not forgotten our fellow gearheads. From Samsung's latest foldables to BenQ's grand return into home-theatre projection, and Sennheiser's Ambeo Soundbar Plus, it's a tech extravaganza waiting for you within the pages of this issue!

So it's time to channel your inner dynamo and head straight to your nearest newsstand because our September issue is fresh off the press and sizzling! But hey, we get it – your bed might be feeling too cosy to leave. No worries, you can snag an online subscription for ultimate convenience. And for those itching to dive into the digital edition, our buddies at Magzter have your back – it's just a few clicks away. Keep those pages turning, and let's keep the magazines shining in all their glossy glory!