Vespa’s Disney Mickey Mouse Edition Scooter has the fashion of the iconic Walt Disney character

Italian style meets magic on wheels for Disney’s 100 anniversary

The next time you are on a bustling street and spot a Vespa in the iconic fashion of Mickey Mouse dont just mistake it as a mere modification. The collaboration between the two brands is official and has birthed the one-of-a-kind Disney Mickey Mouse Edition scooter on the occasion of Disney’s 100th Anniversary.

The brands came together on a special project for Disney100, with Vespa paying homage through a global collaboration and a Disney Mickey Mouse Edition Vespa.

The Vespa Primavera 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc have undergone a transformation, taking on the vibrant hues that have defined the beloved Mickey Mouse for generations. The limited-edition Vespa is painted in black, red, white, and yellow, paying homage to the palette of Walt Disney's most famous creation.

The wheels also shimmer in a shade of yellow as a playful nod to Mickey's shoes. And the mirrors, which bear the shape of those unmistakable round ears, are in black, instantly recognizable by Disney enthusiasts far and wide. There is also a graphic pattern that outlines Mickey Mouse's silhouette, on both sides of the scooter and the front.

And of course, a collaboration wouldn't be complete without Mickey's signature. His autograph graces both the saddle and the front shell, adding that extra touch of Disney magic. The Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa also comes with a matching helmet, mirroring the colours of the scooter.