WhatsApp's Chat Lock feature lets you add an extra layer of privacy to individual chats

Prepare to revel in the newfound power of privacy!

We all have some things in life that require extra secrecy (well, all barring a few mundane ones) and most of us like to constantly speak to those secret beings while simultaneously harbouring the fear of our private exchanges being unveiled to the world. However, rejoice, for WhatsApp has introduced a novel feature using which you can safeguard your personal chats with an additional layer of security.

The chat lock feature will let you lock and protect individual conversations. Here’s what it will do. According to WhatsApp, when you lock a chat, it moves out of your inbox and into a dedicated folder, similar to archived chats. This special folder can only be accessed using your device password or biometric authentication, such as your fingerprint. Moreover, when you activate a chat lock for a specific conversation, the contents of that chat will be hidden in notifications as well. It's basically a simple way to keep your private chats safe and discreet.

How to enable WhatsApp Chat Lock? To lock a WhatsApp chat, open the desired chat and tap on the person's name to access their profile. Scroll down and select 'Chat lock.' Enable the 'lock this chat with fingerprint' option. Afterwards, you can access the locked chat by gently pulling down your inbox and entering your phone password or using your biometric authentication. It's a straightforward process to keep your chat securely locked away! The feature was first spotted in the beta testing phase a few days ago so just stay tuned and we will let you know when you can start using it.