With Whatsapp’s new feature ‘Channels’ you can broadcast information

And of course, follow your favourite channels!

Whatsapp, undisputedly, has been ruling the instant messaging domain for quite some time now but with the ever-emerging platforms laced with dozens of features, the task to rule seems rather crucial. Thus, the new features every now and then, the latest one to be added is called ‘Channels’ (just like the broadcasting channels on Telegram).

‘Channels’ is basically a one-to-many information broadcasting tool, it will be available as a separate and optional section under the status tab. Notably, the status tab will be renamed as ‘Updates’ in the upcoming version of the app. The revamped tab will also include a redesigned interface for status updates.

Plus, ‘Channels’ is marked as a private tool as you can join any channel without revealing your phone number or user information. However, messages received within a channel will not be end-to-end encrypted. But you will always have control as to what channels you want to subscribe to and no one else will be able to see whom you follow.

This feature is expected to come via a future app update for iOS users. At present WhatsApp has released it via the TestFlight beta program. So you might have to wait for an official update.