Wonderchef Magneto blender has no exposed moving parts

Both stylish and practical?

Wonderchef is flipping the script on blender safety with its latest Magneto blender. The brand is calling it 'the world's safest blender'. Why? Well, Wonderchef says the blender harnesses magnetic drive technology to eliminate any exposed moving parts like blades or couplers.

Plus, the Magneto features a 60-second automatic cycle, so you can set it and forget it while you tackle your other chores. The blender's variable speed operation ensures thorough blending in the Triton jar, and its automatic stop feature adds a bit of convenience to your life, as per Wonderchef. The brand also says with a low-noise and low-power-consuming brushless BLDC motor, Magneto is designed to blend quietly and efficiently.

Good part we think about the blender is its unconventional looks. In the shades of pink and purple Magneto adds a touch of vividness to an otherwise dull kitchen gadgets space. The Wonderchef Magneto is priced at ₹6999 and comes with an including sipper jar.