Xbox brings new accessibility updates to make gaming more inclusive

No player is left behind!

Xbox is back at it again, folks, with some convenient new accessibility updates! First off, they've made finding your next Xbox game easier. The Microsoft Store on Xbox website now lets you filter and search games based on your accessibility needs and preferences. So you can say goodbye to scrolling through endless titles that just won't work for you. Plus, they've got over 17 supported languages, so you can play in a tongue that tickles your fancy.

The Xbox App on PC has also rolled out some new accessibility settings. You can now disable those pesky background images and annoying animations. No more distractions or eye strains, my friends. It's all about keeping it simple and focused.

Let's not forget about the updated support pages. Xbox has revamped its support hub to make it easier for you to learn about all the accessibility features they offer. They've got more than 150 accessibility controls across PC and console, including some nifty articles like "How to Adjust Your Controller Stick Settings" and "Accessibility Controls for Xbox on PC and Xbox Store Apps."