Xiaomi’s latest HyperOS will debut on Xiaomi 14 series

Change is in the air and Xiaomi is leading the way?

In recent weeks, speculations started swirling about Xiaomi's potential move to bid farewell to its long-standing MIUI Android OS, which has been there for 13 years. The latest news is that Xiaomi has made it official – they're rolling out a brand-new operating system called Xiaomi HyperOS. It will make its grand debut on the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series.

Xiaomi (apparently) has big plans for it, aiming to connect their entire array of products spanning over 200 categories, which includes smart home gadgets, automobiles, et cetera. As per Xiaomi, HyperOS is “based on the integration of the deeply evolved Android and the self-developed Vela system, completely rewriting the underlying architecture."

While Xiaomi has confirmed that the Xiaomi 14 series will be the first to sport HyperOS, they've kept the suspense alive by not offering a sneak peek at the software's appearance or divulging details about its exciting new features. We'll have to keep our anticipation in check for a little while longer and wait for the big reveal, which is expected when they unveil the new flagship series later this month.