CES 2024: Lenovo presents the refreshed Legion 9i, Legion 7i, Legion 5i, and Legion Slim 5

Gamers, in for a treat?

Lenovo dropped its latest batch of gaming laptops for 2024 at CES, giving us fresh editions of the Legion 9i, Legion 7i, Legion 5i, and Legion Slim 5. They’ve amped up the hardware and sprinkled in some new AI features. Have a look:

1) Lenovo Legion 9i

Legion 9i is the top-of-the-line model. The laptop sports a 16-inch 3.2K mini LED display with a 165Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time. Powering it all is an Intel Core i9 processor and the option for an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. Plus, the laptop features Lenovo’s LA3-P AI chip that is said to dynamically allocate power to the CPU and GPU for maximum performance.

The device is stacked with two Thunderbolt 4.0 ports, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, a couple of USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, HDMI 2.1, RJ 45 Ethernet jack, micro SD card reader, and a combo audio jack. All packed in a sleek Carbon Black design, weighing around 2.56 kg. Starting at $4,399 (₹3,65,555). 

2) Lenovo Legion 7i, Legion 5i

The Legion 7i and 5i are both almost identical, with a few major differences like the port selection, battery capacity, and finishes. The Legion 7i and 5i can be configured with up to an Intel Core i9 CPU and up to an RTX 4070 laptop board.

Both feature the new “Coldfront: Hyper” thermal design that keeps things cool, ensuring the Legion 7i and 5i Gen 9 can handle max TDPs of 170W and 190W respectively. Sporting 16-inch IPS panels with 100% sRGB coverage, 500 nits of brightness, a swift 3ms response time, and a 240Hz refresh rate with Nvidia G-Sync, they're built for an immersive experience, says Lenovo. Both models feature Dolby Vision support and Pantone X-Rite validation. Starting at $2,099 (₹1,74,397), the Legion 7i is ready to roll, while the Legion 5i will hit shelves in April, starting at $1,399 (₹1,16,230).

3) Lenovo Legion Slim 5

The updated Legion Slim 5 is a refreshed version of the previous year model, now with fresh AMD CPUs, a beefier GPU. Its 16-inch screen offers options for a 165Hz or 240Hz refresh rate, both with 3ms response time and a 500 nits of brightness. The new 240Hz display is a standout addition for 2024. Powering the Slim 5 are AMD Ryzen 8040 series CPUs and up to an Nvidia RTX 4070 laptop GPU. Sporting a sleek design, it's got a  lineup of ports – two USB-C ports with DisplayPort, two USB-A ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, an RJ45 jack, and an SD card reader. It comes with features including an 80Wh battery, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.1 for an enhanced experience. The Lenovo Slim 5 comes with a starting price of $1,499 (approx. ₹1,24,531).

4) Lenovo Legion Pro 7i /Lenovo Legion Pro 5i

Lenovo's Legion Pro 7i comes with Coldfront: Vapor chamber thermals, making way for 250W TDP in Extreme Mode, allowing the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU to unleash its full gaming prowess. Meanwhile, the Legion Pro 5i gets its own Coldfront boost, hitting up to 215W TDP with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU.  Lenovo powers up performance further with their AI chips. With the Lenovo AI Engine+, these laptops get smarter, using software machine learning through Lenovo Vantage.

The TrueStrike keyboards on the Lenovo Legion Pro series laptops come with four switchable keycaps and either per-key Legion Spectrum RGB lighting on the Lenovo Legion Pro 7i or optional 4-zone Spectrum RGB on the Lenovo Legion Pro 5i. The all-new Windows Copilot key is also now on every Lenovo Legion Pro 7i keyboard, so AI assistance is just a keystroke away. Lenovo Legion Pro 7i comes for a starting price of $2,699 (approx. ₹2,24,228) and Lenovo Legion Pro 5i starts at $1,499 (approx. ₹ 1,24,534).