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BenQ Zowie EC2-CW review

Wireless scamper

₹ 14,990

Among the many wireless mice in the market right now, the Zowie brand tugs the strings of the most hardcore gamers who are aware of the brand. If you sit glued to your monitor for thousands of hours in competitive games, this Zowie mouse should be on your list and even if you don’t, read on and you’ll find out that this is one of the best mice to use and it may very well be your best clicker for years to come.


It may not be named like a Bollywood star kid but practically everything about the BenQ Zowie is thoughtfully implemented. The EC2-C mouse from Zowie is basically the wired version of the existing model and the design is identical. The number in the EC2 in our review unit refers to the size. It comes in three sizes, EC1, EC2 and EC3 which fit different palm sizes. You can check the Zowie size sheet to get your perfect size. The W denotes the wireless version of that mouse. Internally there’s a better sensor in this EC2-CW mouse and the side buttons are less mushy compared to the wired model.

It’s somewhere between a palm grip and a claw grip. You cannot pincer-claw grip this, although it leans more towards a relaxed claw-grip mouse because of the asymmetrical design. Zowie says the mouse shape is designed in a way to reduce the fatigue of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (FCU) when doing fast clicking. We didn’t get enough time to get sciencey but between our Glorious Model O and the BenQ Zowie EC2-CW, the Zowie felt more in tune for serious shooters. Even the lift-off distance is well-judged on the Zowie.


The EC2-CW is also a 77g mouse which keeps it well within the acceptable weight limit for competitive shooters. It's got a PixArt 3370 sensor which is slightly old but is a tried and tested one. We didn’t feel any latency from the mouse while using it. Counter-Strike 2, Valorant and even Apex Legends were thoroughly enjoyable with this. The buttons are clicky and the side buttons don’t wobble. Even the skates are nice and smooth. It has a 24-step scroll wheel which is one of the best I’ve used on a gaming mouse.

It uses a proprietary wireless receiver which also acts as a charging dock for the mouse so it’s natural to keep the dock closer to the mouse pad and reduce the distance and interference from other signals. That’s also the main purpose of including a wireless receiver as opposed to a dongle. You do get a dongle in the box as well so you can connect up to two devices to boot the dock from your desk.

There’s a switch under the mouse to toggle between the dongle and dock connection. And a DPI button to switch between 400, 800,1600 and 3200 DPI settings. It’s completely plug-and-play so you don’t have to worry about fiddly software or unnecessary updates.


This is an expensive mouse and anyone looking to upgrade from their wired mouse to this may get tempted by other options. The dock certainly raises the price of the Zowie and between the dongle and the dock connection we didn’t notice any difference as such. However, if you must absolutely have the most stable connection, the dock does offer the ‘pro service’ so to speak and the ease of charging is unrivalled. 

As of now, the Glorious Model O has a wireless version that is under ten grand and the Amazon India price of the BenQ Zowie EC2-CW is ₹11,990 but the Glorious uses a 2.4Ghz connection which, if you think is inferior, then the Zowie is a better option.

Stuff Says

Pricey but a pro-grade wireless mouse you’ve been waiting for…
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Great in-hand feel

  1. Good scroll wheel

  1. Dock is nice

  1. Extra skates in the box

  1. Pricey

  1. There are many cheaper alternatives