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Samsung Jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner review

It sucks… in a good way

₹ 49,990

As we’ve started spending more time at home, the humble vacuum cleaner has been undergoing an evolution of sorts (wish we could say the same for our house help). These machines have become more powerful, look like something out of the Star Wars universe, and don’t have you at the mercy of a plug point. Yes, we are talking about cordless vacuum cleaners. 
While Dysons are among the first names to pop in one’s mind, lately there have been a few launches aiming to shake up the status quo. And today we’re testing one such product – the Samsung Jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner.


Samsung’s Jet 90 looks like a cordless vacuum cleaner alright, with the brush at the bottom, a dustbin sitting parallel to the telescopic pipe and the handle at the top. It’s sleek and designed with one-handed usage in mind. But unlike some of the competing machines that have gone for a colourful look, Samsung has opted for a more sedated and modern look. The dark grey tones look sophisticated and will look at home in any manner of decor.

The design of the handle may seem like there’s a trigger to start the machine, but that’s not the case. Samsung has instead opted for a simple push start-stop button. A small LED display on the top shows the suction mode, and simple +/- buttons can be used to toggle between them.

A 0.8L dustbin onboard is more than enough to collect all the dust for one complete cleaning session. It can be removed, emptied and washed with water. But we wish the process of removing and reattaching the bin was a little less finicky. For instance, it took a bit of trial and error for folks at home to get used to this mechanism. Much like the competing machines, there’s an air filter sitting at the top of the bin, which is claimed to be capable of capturing 99.999% of dust particles and allergens up to 0.5 microns or larger.

A clip-on battery pack sits at the back of the handle, which is also easily swappable with a push of a button. Samsung however bundles only one pack, and a second can be purchased separately. When it comes to charging the battery, there’s an impressive-looking ‘Z Station’. This dock can be discreetly kept in a corner of a room where it will store the machine and its attachments, while also charging the battery.


In terms of power, the Jet 90 has 200W suction power aided by a nine-cyclone system. If that’s got your head on a spin, these numbers basically translate to enough power to suck the smallest and most stubborn of dust during a cleaning session. 
Complimenting all this power is a range of attachments for various surfaces you’d find in an average household. These include a turbo action brush for carpets and hard floors, a soft action brush for regular cleaning on the same surfaces, a mini motorised brush for furniture, and a flex tool to clean in hard-to-reach places. Each attachment is specifically designed for the said cleaning scenarios and feels a bit out of depth when asked to do something different. 
In terms of cleaning performance, we didn’t find much to complain about. Using the right brush with the correct surface results in adequate cleaning. In the past couple of weeks, we have used the machine to clean the carpets, mattresses, sofa and more. In all the cases, the Jet 90 was able to collect dust that isn’t visible to the naked eyes.

In most cases, using the vacuum in mid suction mode gets the job done, but for some stubborn dust or fabric knots embedded in the carpet, switching to max mode helps. But switching to max mode also comes at a cost. For one it starts whining like a go-kart on a track, and the battery level drains faster than the speed of sound. We barely got over five minutes in this mode, which is a bummer. In the mid mode, the battery tends to last about half an hour, which is what most cleaning sessions last for.


Samsung’s Jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner is certainly not cheap, but the build quality and performance do justify the high price tag. Bear in mind, that the most expensive model in the Jet series is still more affordable than the top-notch Dyson model. It may not be perfect, especially with its fast-draining battery but it gets the job done. We finally have a strong contender to challenge Dyson’s dominance.

Stuff Says

Dyson’s range of vacuum cleaners finally has some tough competition
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Good suction power for everyday cleaning

  1. Wide variety of attachments

  1. Quick charging via the docking station

  1. Battery life could be better

  1. Fiddly dust bin attachment

  1. Tad heavy for one-handed use

Suction power: 200 W
Noise levels: 86 dBA
Bin capacity: 0.8 L
Battery: 21.6 V
Running time: 6 mins (max) / 30 mins (mid) / 60 mins (min)
Dimensions: 250 x 1136 x 215 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg