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WWE 2K23 review

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The wrestling showstopper is on the front of this game and although it might be tempting to take the reins of this celeb champion, 2K have something better in mind!

Finally tapping out of its 2K20 buggy grip, the 2K23 version of WWE builds upon the solid foundations of the 2K22 game. The 2K Showcase now features all the memorable defeats John Cena has had over the 20 or so year career and the other game modes have been given a solid spit polish.


The gameplay remains largely the same from last year but now you get two payback moves that add complexity and rhythm to its fighting mechanics. Combat feels a lot welcoming for new players and the combo-based moves and grapples add visual and gameplay elements that look and hit with conviction. Each wrestler feels different because of the different combos between them. Even if you pick the same wrestler from two different eras, the combo is switched up to feel different and frankly, refreshing. Hitting square, square and circle on the PlayStation 5 will land two punches and end the move with a grapple. You can perform different grapple moves very quickly because it’s all based on your relative position to your opponent. Just flick the analogue stick in the four basic directions and hit the circle button. Countering is also fun and requires a judicial attempt to hit the reversal button on time.

As simple as 2K has made this, you can’t just button-mash your way here though. There’s a strict stamina meter along with payback moves that turn the tide of any battle. Your special meter which fills after dealing or taking damage lets you slip out of a tough situation through payback or deliver a finisher.


The 2K Showcase takes all the big fat L John Cena was served inside the ring over his career and the whole thing is narrated by the wrestler turned Hollywood star himself. As a millennial, reliving these matches was an absolute treat and unlike last time where you only play as Rey Mysterio, this time you only play as Cena’s opponents. This changes the combat style every match because you have to learn to play with all sorts of wrestlers who won against Cena in the ring. It was especially thrilling to play almost all versions of The Undertaker and explore the variations in his moves over the years. It made the Showcase more fresh and more entertaining than last year. The 2K Showcase also serves as a story-driven tutorial because you get to try out every possible wrestling style and this time the combo sets feel closer to other fighting games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. I kept referring to the list of moves and completed them as prompted to trigger the real WWE footage of the match which flows seamlessly between gameplay and cutscene. It not only flexes 2K’s graphical chops but also shows how much the devs have paid attention to this game.

You’ll also see upgrades to the visuals this time. After landing The Rock’s finisher, The People’s Elbow, the missing elbow guard will actually be missing throughout the game. Hitting The Undertaker on the head repeatedly will remove his iconic bandana.


WWE 2K23 is a powerbomb that will make wrestling fans happy with its gameplay. It’s an improvement and the best the WWE gaming franchise has ever been. The usual suspects like the MyGM, MyFaction, MyRise and creation suite return to fill your time. It’s all done better than before.

Stuff Says

2K23 lands a perfect shot as the franchise’s best game to date
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. The showcase was fun and fresh

  1. Combat is better and easier to pick up

  1. Payback moves feel thoughtful

  1. MyRise graphics are meh

  1. Online in India is laggy