Stuff Awards 2023: Smartwatch of the Year

So good, it’s illegal in the US

Best Smartwatch of the Year 2023: Apple Watch S9

Probably the most incremental update in the Apple Watch’s life cycle, the Series 9 is pretty much identical to the Series 8 (or Series 7) on the face of it. What makes things tick along are the new innards that boast of a new processor, brighter display and a sprinkling of the famous Apple magic dust. The new functionality is definitely tangible. Graphics and interactions within apps are faster, smoother and overall more enjoyable, especially the Smart Stack that makes widgets and oft-used apps available no matter what watch face you choose. The Apple Watch S9 is also Apple’s first completely carbon-neutral product so if you have a touchy conscience, the Watch S9 is a worthy addition to your ecosystem.



● Samsung Galaxy Watch 6