Best 10 Hi-Fi systems

Best Hi-Fi systems

Mozart wished he had these. The best Hi-Fi audio products that will change the way you enjoy good audio.


Sony has hit a home-run with another tech marvel that is sophisticated, easy to use and works as advertised. Not cheap but also, not ordinary!

from ₹ 1,97,980


A superb-sounding, fully-featured wireless speaker that justifies its considerable expense.

from ₹ 3,10,000


Still one of the best-sounding smart speakers around, but one that will appeal only to the Apple fanboys.

₹ 32,900


If you like complete autonomy of musical choices and a crisp, high-fidelity sound, get this!

from ₹ 43,999


Phenomenal value for money, the Polk Audio Signature Elite is a product of science and it sounds like it!

from ₹ 1,15,000


Refined and expensive, but also with a sound that is refined and expensive!

from ₹ 1,59,900


All the benefits of the Sonos multiroom ecosystem in a portable form.

from ₹ 19,999


If you’re after an excellent, affordable turntable, the Planar 1 is the one to get.

from ₹ 36,000


Sheer poetry in aluminium, the Beosound 2 also makes poetry sound good. Add a little magic.

from ₹ 1,95,000


The HT-A5000 has a room-filling surround but only if you’re not obsessed with audiophile quality

from ₹ 1,38,980

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