Best Tablets

Best Tablets

Shift from small screen to big, these are the best tablets to keep your work and entertainment dose happy and healthy.


One of the best bargains in the tablet market, Pad 6 is worthy of praise and your hard-earned money

from ₹ 26,999


Distinctive design and great performance in a very competitively priced package.

from ₹ 37,999


It’s getting old, but the iPad Pro still remains the best and the most powerful tablet money can buy, limited only by Apple’s iron curtain.

from ₹ 1,12,900


If 5G connectivity is at the top of your list, this is it. If not, then the competition offers more.

₹ 24,999


This mid-level entertainment tablet executes its assigned tasks well, but the pricing seems too ambitious.

from ₹ 19,999

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