Apple Watch SE is the affordable version of the Series 8

For the ones you love…

If your kids see you with your fancy new watches and are constantly pestering you for one, this might be the solution for you. The Watch SE packs all the lovable smarts of an Apple Watch but without the over-the-top features to cut back on the price. It offers family sharing for kids to use an Apple Watch while staying connected to their parents' iPhones.

The SE shares the same display, crash detection and SOC as the Series 8 (which you can read about here), but has a significantly lower carbon footprint. It’s 20% faster than before and helps you give your loved ones (kids or oldies alike) their independence while connecting to your phone, courtesy of the family setup. So you can have some peace of mind while keeping your loved ones safe.

The watch is more affordable than the Series 8 and is priced starting at ₹29,900.