Binge Guide: 10 shows and films to watch on OTT in July

Our top OTT picks to keep you entertained this month

Have you ever been in the mood to binge on some content, but somehow end up stuck in the rabbit hole of the same old suggested movies and TV shows? Don't worry, we’ve got your back. 
Here are our top picks of new films and shows, ranging from zombie apocalypses and your bollywood scoop to military thrillers, comedy shows and gruesome documentaries. We’ve got it all, no matter your taste. So take your pick from the latest seasons of your favourite TV shows, across popular OTT streaming platforms to keep you entertained all this month.


Resident Evil (July 14)
In an attempt to reprise the genre of zombie horror, Resident Evil is a complex story taking place in two different time periods. In 2022, nearly 30 years after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets and forces sisters Billie and Jade apart after something horrific happens to Billie. Flash forward to London 2036, and we will bear witness as Jade attempts to survive and find out what happened to her sister and father. 
Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi (July 20)
You are going to need a strong stomach and an even stronger mind if you plan to watch this intense, blood-curdling documentary directed by Ayesha Sood. Following the true story of a serial killer in the nation's capital, we bear witness to his flavours of homicide that include but are not limited to, decapitation and dismemberment and a few other gory surprises.
The Gray Man (July 22)
Netflix’s latest project, with a reported budget of $200 million, will make this book adaptation the most expensive original film ever produced by the platform. Following the story of the ‘Gray Man’ (Ryan Gosling), former CIA operative Court Gentry. Gentry embarks on a mission across Europe to find and rescue his handler Donald Fitzroy and his family who are being held captive by big names who want Gentry dead. The action-packed thriller will be the first of hopefully many to come in the series.

Prime Video

The Terminal List (July 1)
Another adaptation is the Terminal List, based on the 2018 bestseller by former Navy Seal Jack Carr. The series stars Chris Pratt in a serious role for a change, as lieutenant commander James Reece. He is a Navy Seal who led his platoon into an ambush in Syria that killed everyone but him. The honest, yet slightly far-fetched military thriller will keep you hooked through the series.
Comicstaan 3 (July 15)
If you are looking for a good laugh, don't miss Comicstaan 3. The eight-episode Indian comedy talent hunt, judged by the likes of stand-up artists Zakir Khan, Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta, and Kenny Sebastian, will see the contestants mentored in several genres of comedy and is assured to provide a large dose of light-hearted laughter and entertainment.
Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher (July 22)
A period film set at the turn of the 19th century directed by Daniel Graham. The film dives into the sport of Pugilism, considered the sport of kings. The story follows a young, gifted boxer, played by Matt Hookings as he fights his way to try to become the champion of England.

Apple TV+

Black Bird (July 8)
This thrilling prison drama is a true story portraying the life of Jimmy Keene (Taron Eggerton). Keene, a convicted drug dealer is sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he is offered his freedom by the FBI if he manages to befriend a suspected serial killer. Watch as he tries to elicit a confession from Larry Hall, to find where the bodies of his 18 victims are buried.

Disney+ Hotstar

Koffee with Karan (July 7)
The return of Karan Johar's iconic – often controversial – celebrity talk show will see season seven air on Disney+ Hotstar instead of on-air. We have been promised our healthy scoop on Bollywood gossip and drama with guest appearances by Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sara Ali Khan and many more. 
Shoorveer (July 15)
This fictionalised military drama web series follows the coming together of the Indian military wings – Army, Navy, and Air Force. Action-packed with several Top Gun-esque aerial combat scenes, this will be a new step for Indian filmmaking. Directed by Kanishk Verma, the story will revolve around stealthy operations, intense military training, intelligence subterfuge and test the relationships between our elite soldiers.

Voot Select

The Gone Game (July 7)
With season 2 picking up right where they left off, the search for Sahil Gujral continues. The initial misconception that he has been infected with the coronavirus has uncovered sinister plans.With massive opening twists, watch to find out if the secrets buried in previous season will be exposed or if he will get away with the gone game once more?