Everything we know about Apple iPhone 15 (so far)

Exciting times lie ahead for iPhone fans

Addtional words: Rohitra Mistry

As of now we don't know if the much-anticipated Apple iPhone15 could do the impossible or not but we definitely have an idea of how and what the device would be like. Courtesy of the grapevine and the world of speculations. 

The next-gen iPhone is expected to launch in September 2023 and one thing we can be sure of is that Apple will continue on with its four iPhone lineup, debuting an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The phones are expected to be in the same sizes as the iPhone 14 models, including two 6.1-inch iPhones and two 6.7in iPhones.

Word on the street is that Apple might be swapping out the Lightning port for a USB-C port across all versions. And the Dynamic Island, which was previously exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max, is rumoured to make its way to the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus too. That means no notch and a sleeker, less intrusive design!

The phones are expected to rock a A17 Bionic chip, more RAM for that extra oomph, and the same Qualcomm modem chip technology for 5G connectivity.

When it comes to the Pro models, they're expected to pack in all the cool features we love, However, the telephoto camera lens might take a break this time. The flagship model is also rumoured to sport a brand-new periscope zoom lens. That means we could be looking at a major upgrade in the camera department compared to its predecessors. 

Leaks and speculations are still pouring in. One of the latest comes from famous leaker Majin Bu, who claims to have gotten hold of images showcasing a protective case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to the leaked images, there seems to be an unexpected change in the design. The protective case reveals a shift in the position of the mute button, which has been a staple feature on iPhones for 16 years now. If this leak holds true, it looks like Apple might be replacing the mute key for the very first time!

Majin suggests that the opening in the case, where the mute key used to be, is now occupied by a "custom key" as a replacement that could serve as an Action button similar to the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra. So far, It also looks like the iPhone 15 Pro is going to be rocking a fresh new look! Apple's going for thinner and curvier bezels, and they're also probably spicing things up with a new titanium chassis!

According to TheVerge Apple will not be making leather cases for the iPhone 15 series. They claim to be getting their information through leaks on X (Twitter) by 9to5Mac and a few other reputable leakers. They speculate that Apple is making this move due to the impact of leather cases on the environment and might shift to making covers with different premium materials.

Apple is also rumoured to introduce longer and colourful braided charging cables for the upcoming iPhone 15, alongside the expected USB-C transition. The cables, similar to those on the M2 MacBook Air, will be around 1.5 meters in length, thicker than before. This move aligns with Apple's trend of enhancing charging accessories, following the example of the MacBook Air and Apple Watch Ultra.

We will continue to keep an eye out for more information to see if this leak holds water. Until then, stay tuned with us to know more!