Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022: 12 gadget gift ideas for your dad

What dad wants, dad gets!

With Father's Day rapidly approaching, some of us may still be confused about what to give the person who has given us everything. He may be a fitness buff, a lover of the great outdoors or simply the kind to lay back and watch movies while he struggles to stay awake. With our top picks, the list below should make shopping for your pop a tad bit easier. 

Simply pick a present you think he’d like, spend your pennies (or his) and prepare to give him a big hug, and well, laugh at dad jokes! It's his day after all.

Xiaomi Pad 5

If your father struggles to balance work life and home life, give him a new buddy to help him multi-task. The new Xiaomi pad 5 (₹26,999) has got everything he could need, from a 120Hz refresh rate to the 2.5K resolution display with Dolby Atmos sound. With the entertainment aspect covered, they also throw in a keyboard and smart pen, to help with work efficiency. 

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 and with 6GB RAM and 256GB storage, you need not worry about it lacking power. So now your father can do both, stream unnecessarily loud youtube videos and handle work with ease.

BenQ GS50 portable projector

Give your father the joy of being able to watch matches, movies or races anytime, anywhere. The BenQ GS50 (₹79,990) is a compact, portable projector that can project a screen up to 100 inches in size at Full HD resolution, and the built-in LED light source is capable of producing a 500 ANSI-lumens output for up to 30,000 hours.

This smart portable outdoor projector comes with 2.1-channel Bluetooth audio, a pair of 5W midrange drivers, and a 10W woofer. When it comes to software, it runs Android TV, which gives you access to various certified OTT platforms and has a battery pack with 2.5 hours of playtime. It is also IPX2 rated and is drop resistant for up to 2.3 feet.

So gift your father the ability to enjoy his viewing experience anywhere, whether he is nodding off, or standing there with his hands behind his back analysing the score.

Tumi Olten Crossbody

If your father is a travel obsessed you might be interested in getting him the Tumi Arrive Olten crossbody (₹48,000). A bag designed to deliver maximum utility and style while on the go. A smart choice for dads to take on short trips, let's be honest they only pack like 3 articles of clothing, a smartphone and reading glasses.

So do your part in keeping your daddy, daddy cool (or at least more fashionable).

Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch

Want to gift your fitness-obsessed father a watch, but are not sure how to narrow it down? Check out the Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch (₹18,990). It’s a blend of modern and classic for all those who enjoy the look of a traditional watch and the practicality of a smartwatch.

With analogue hands, on top of a touchscreen OLED display, the watch is capable of SpO2 monitoring, body battery energy monitoring, stress monitoring, sleep tracking, and hydration logging. All this with a 5-day battery life! 

It's pretty stylish too, with a silicone band and colour-coordinated watch dial, in four options Black, Cocoa, Cool Mint and Ivory.

Hyperice Venom Back

Being a father comes with responsibility, stress and well, back pain. It might not be too easy to get rid of the former, but you can definitely do your part in getting rid of his back pain. The Hyperice Venom Back (₹16,999) is just what you should be looking at. 

Venom Back is a practical, portable and premium belt that applies heat and vibration in varying degrees to relax the muscles that keep your noggin upright. Getting rid of the cord like most heating pads, this easy-to-wear belt is made up of neoprene (synthetic rubber) which is stretchy and wraps around most waist sizes (even the dad bod)

So it’s time to have your father’s back, after all, it carried you all through your childhood.

Syska HT350U BeardPro Beard Trimmer

It’s the little things that make dads happy sometimes. Helping them stay well-groomed and maintaining their beards efficiently is one way to go. The Syska HT350U BeardPro Trimmer (₹849) has been ergonomically designed to help give men a sleek appearance from the comfort and ease of their home. Designed with inbuilt self-sharpening stainless-steel blades and an easy grip. The Syska trimmer has forty-minute battery life.

This may save your father the cost and hassle of having to go to the barber every couple of weeks?

Flexnest Flextrainer+

If your father is determined on losing the dad bod and just needs a slight push, the Flexnest Flextrainer+ (₹64,999) might be just what he needs. It’s is an elliptical cross trainer and like most things nowadays, it’s got smart features too.

Both, easy on your joints, and not too large. The Flextrainer+ can wirelessly connect to your Android and iOS devices and offers a range of trainer-led guided workouts via the Flexnest app. In addition, the app also has a collection of over 100 virtual walks in cities across the globe, allowing users to explore anywhere, anytime.

If this doesn't work… you just might have to convince him to put down the beers instead. So we wish you the very best…

Bose QuietComfort 45

As a father and a married person, it’s not too easy to find some peace and quiet. The best way for them to avoid you and everyone in the house is through the Bose QuietComfort 45 (₹32,900). Although it's not too hard to find ANC headphones, these days, these continue to be among the best of the lot. 

Bose has focused on improving the headphone’s capabilities in terms of noise cancellation, voice isolation, and battery life. With two modes to switch between Quiet and Aware, gift your father the joy of selective hearing. With 24-hour battery life and old-school buttons, these are most suitable for fathers.

Qubo Go Audio Sunglasses

Only a dad can appreciate the thought behind a pair of sunglasses that play music into your ears. The Qubo Go Audio Sunglasses (₹5,999) feature polarized lenses with UV protection. Perfect for daily use and especially while driving, keeping eye fatigue to a minimum. The open ear design might leak some audio, but it’s never too loud and disturbing for people around you. In quiet places or in an elevator the audio leak might be louder but that can always be toned down from your smartphone. You can use the two buttons to change the music track, pick up and cut calls, and even summon Google AI.

Now your dad can listen to his own boring music on drives, while everyone else can enjoy ‘good’ music.

Adidas Ozweego

The future is in the past - that’s the current sneaker trend Adidas is following or what it seems like. Re-imagining their earlier sneaker days with Adidas Nite Joggers and now the 90s chunky Ozweego (₹10,999). Let your dads relive their younger days. They are a bit more advanced though with the Adiprene sole cushioning and the translucent support tube that runs around the heel collar and into the eye stay panel which oozes out on the upper with a fair mix of suede and leather around. They may feel a bit overwhelmed with these nostalgic orange sneakers back in their lives.


DailyObjects Arete laptop stand

If your father is still struggling to find a comfortable position while working, you may want to give him the DailyObjects Arete laptop stand (2,499). It is designed to add stability and improve posture and comfort. The aluminium panels used for elevation, ensure that your device is positioned at an angle to match your eye level improving your working posture significantly. It is durable and scratch-resistant with a modern finish using matte-finish aluminium and smooth leatherette cladding. 


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