Friendship Day Gift Guide: 8 gifts for your besties in under ₹8,000

The only thing better than a friend is a friend with gifts…

A true friend is the one who waits for you while you tie your laces, only to trip you as soon as you stand up. Well, sometimes you are lucky enough to find someone who perfectly matches your level of weird and crazy, changing your life for the better. Be it in real life or even through video games and social media. Well, if you are looking for some way to give back and appreciate these rare individuals in your life, there are few ways better than a good gift. Here are some meaningful gifts you can get your loved ones without breaking the bank…

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 portable printer

We all have that one friend that just can’t get enough of their own countenance and is constantly forcing you to take selfies with them. Now help them turn those moments into priceless, long-lasting memories with a physical form. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 portable printer (₹7,899) allows you to do just that.

This compact, portable device has a tonal, striped texture and can transfer and start printing pictures from your phone in just 15 seconds, using Bluetooth connectivity. Capable of printing over 100 continuous prints on a single charge, you can even send pictures directly from your camera to the printer if you have the Fujifilm X-S10 mirrorless camera. You can even add decorative frames, filters, sketches, and stickers using the app. 

Hasbro’s Wordle: The Party Game

A good party with your friends is never complete without a board game. Hasbro’s Wordle: The Party Game (₹1,600) brings all the fun of the app to your table. Working in a similar format to its digital counterpart, players attempt to guess a five-letter word with six tries.

Where it differs is that the board game allows you to pick a host among your squad at the beginning of each round. This player then jots down the secret word that everyone has to guess. With inverse point scoring, the player who takes the least attempts gains the least points and thus, wins the game. The game can be played in 4 ways– classic, fast, timed and teams.

Qubo Go Audio Sunglasses

If your friend is that stylish, tech-savvy kind, you might want to get them a pair of Qubo Go’s Audio Sunglasses (₹5,990). These glasses feature speakers built into the frame of the sunglasses and throw music right into your ear. The open-ear design comes with polarized lenses with UV protection, which are perfect for daily use and especially while walking on the road.

You can control the volume from your smartphone and even use the two buttons to change the music track, pick up and cut calls, and summon Google AI. So get your bestie the perfect companion for their next beach trip.

Nothing Ear 1

Money can’t buy friends but the Nothing Ear 1 (₹6,999) sure could do a pretty good job, if it tried. These transparent buds live up to the hype, with their 11.6mm drivers, ANC and ultra-lightweight design.

Available in a dark or light theme, these buds provide balanced sound and 24-hour battery life (without ANC). They even come with IPX4 water-resistance rating. All this at a pretty reasonable price, so be a peach and get your gym rat buddies a pair to keep them motivated (and forever indebted to you of course).

Chromecast with GoogleTV

Is your bestie a binge specialist? If riding the couch to another realm is their form of escapism, you might want to get the Chromecast with GoogleTV (₹6,399). This compact little extension can convert any device with an HDMI port into a full-fledged smart TV with access to tons of OTT platforms and loads of content.

The device packs in all the latest technology to give you an outstanding viewing experience converting not-so-smart devices into smart TVs. It provides 4K HDR picture quality at up to 60 frames per second and comes equipped with Dolby Vision.

The remote comes with hotkeys for Youtube and Netflix for a smoother experience. It even manages to support HDMI pass-through of Dolby Audio content and comes equipped with Google Assistant so you can use it to control your smart home devices.

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini Massager

For all those friends who are constantly whining about being sore from their endless activities, the Hyperice Hypersphere (₹6,999) is the perfect gift. Instead of taking them for a massage (or worse, being forced to press them yourself), give them this little compact high-intensity vibrating massage ball.

The equivalent of a therapy/massage gun, this device targets deep muscle tissue with three modes — low, medium, and high. You can roll it over your muscles to ease the tension and loosen them up (both physically and mentally).

Stuffcool Centurion 120

If you are sick and tired of constantly lending your chargers to your friends, it’s time to get them one of these. The Centurion 120 (₹6,999) is a one-stop solution to all your charging woes. The BIS-approved charger comes with a total of four ports– three Power Delivery enabled Type-C Ports and 1 Universal Fast Charging Type-A Port with the capability to fast charge almost every personal device you own. 

Capable of providing 100W of output from a single Type-C port, which is ideal for the new Macbook Pro 16in that requires around 96W of power. It also supports most fast-charging protocols with the exception of Power Delivery such as Samsung PPS (Super Fast Charging), Samsung AFC and Qualcomm QC3.0. It can even charge the latest Type-C laptops, ultrabooks, DSLR Cameras and the Nintendo Switch.

This may just be that blessing (or slap in the face) your friend needs to get their devices juiced up and stop stealing your stuff (though the latter is more unlikely).

Bonus Gift - Stuff India magazine subscription

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