Gamescom 2022: 15 best games announced

Gamers… brace yourselves

This week, Gamescom brought with it oh-so-many surprises, from trailers of new games to new controllers and even podcasts! The Opening Night Live presentation, hosted by Geoff Keighley saw new updates and announcements for more than 30 games. If you happened to miss it, here is a deep dive into what to look out for over the coming months...


September 29, 2022

The opening night brought with it a bunch of surprises, among which Moonbreaker was one. The sci-fi game featuring digital miniatures is set in a universe created by the best-selling author Brandon Sanderson. The game lets you paint your characters before you send them out into the playing field for a turn-based battle. You can gain early access to the game next week and enjoy the thrills of a lush miniatures game without the stress of painting.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties

October 13, 2022

Dying Light 2's first story DLC has been dubbed ‘Bloody Ties’, and it brings to us all kinds of arena battles. Sending you to fight against other survivors in a new area called the Carnage Hall. The balance between combat challenges and story missions is still a bit of a mystery but this new content seems promising when it comes to the array of new weapons up for grabs.

Where the Wind Meets

October 21, 2022

Here’s a bit of an exciting change. This brand new action RPG with an open world is set in ancient China. Developed by a Chinese studio, Everstone Games, we see tons of aerial combat throughout the trailer, complete with wall-running and martial arts combat (kind of like a Chinese Assasin’s Creed).

Age of Empires IV Anniversary Update

October 25, 2022

Age of Empires 4 is all set to receive two new civilizations in its upcoming anniversary update– the Ottomans and the Malians. Veterans who have played the previous versions with the Ottomans will definitely look forward to demolishing enemy camps and armies with the Great Bombard with the mighty siege weapon included in the Ottoman firepower. Also making their way to the game are the Malians of West Africa. You can now lead this rich trading nation to economic success by using strategy and cunning.

Outlast Trials

October 28, 2022 (Beta)

Prepare for the newest Outlast game and all the horrors that will ensue. Oh and it gets better, this time the franchise is putting a multiplayer spin on things, giving the opportunity for more people to be horrified. The closed beta for The Outlast Trials will take place between October 28 and November 1. So venture in if you dare to tempt fate and think you are brave enough.

Goat Simulator

November 17, 2022

We have finally got our first glimpse into the bizarre Goat Simulator 3’s gameplay, and well, pretty much as strange as you’d expect. With goats charging around in jetpacks, wearing different outfits, and even playing a bit of soccer (still probably better than a lot of professionals out there). It’s not all chaos though, there’s always time and an opportunity to do some goat yoga. Appealing, isn't it? The game will be available on the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

High on Life

December 13, 2022

Post the Xbox showcase earlier this year, it is safe to say we are all well-versed when it comes to the very talkative weapons in High on Life. This first-person action game brings some solid action and platforming in the gameplay footage. But you may have to build up your tolerance for the unending dialogue, which features a style similar to the work of Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, seen in the past. The game will arrive on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Dead Island 2

February 3, 2023

If Zombie RPGs are your thing, this game originally announced in 2014, makes a reappearance, just for you. Set to launch in Feb next year, expect a game to be a bloody ride, with a ‘smash all zombies tone’ through the role of one of the six playable characters. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Let’s hope we finally see it come to life and don't have to wait another 8 years!

Hogwarts Legacy

February 10, 2023 (Expected)

The opening night, brought with it a new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy and Potterheads, it's all focused on the dark arts. It will be available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. So bring out your wands, or the next closest thing… your DualSense Edge.

Destiny 2's Lightfall

February 2023

Initially teased over two years ago, Bungie has finally let the secret out when it comes to  Destiny 2, revealing new powers, threats, and mysteries all dressed up in a spiky, neon-infused cyberpunk art style. The penultimate expansion in a nine-part epic, Lightfall looks on the surface like a radical departure from the long-running sci-fi shooter’s past, with the Witch Queen turning the Destiny universe into complete chaos and the rumoured subclass, Strand making an appearance. Prepare for some exploration when it comes to the new hidden city of Neomuna on Neptune and grapple with the game's own version of Guardians known as the Cloud Striders.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series

Summer 2023

The new gameplay for The Expanse Telltale seems to be following closely in the footsteps of the show when it comes to themes. With a lot of zero-G action allowing you to move freely through the stars, you have to try to stay attached to things to prevent every Belter's nightmare of drifting off into the depths of space and time.

Dune Awakening


Oh yeah, a Dune game! Dune Awakening becoming the latest survival game, this one is set in the expansive Dune universe, taking on the form of an open-world survival MMO. And well, for any of you out there wondering, we will definitely see the big bad worm making an appearance in this new game. You will be able to play the game on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Lies of P


Straight out of haunted fairytales, Lies of P is an action role-playing game that combines the cute little story of Pinocchio with the vibes, horrors and gameplay of Bloodborne. The game will be making its way to PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X in 2023 and will also launch on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft confirmed. Oh, and heads up Pinnochio is not what you remember him to be!

The Finals


This one got the shortest of teasers, but more than enough to pique our interests. With a ‘shooter wrapped in a game show format’ from a new studio full of experienced developers, we are left to await more information which should drop next month. That said, you can still sign-up to playtest the game now.

Hideo Kojima Podcast

September 8, 2022

Last but not the least, the one and only Hideo Kojima made his customary appearance to announce that although he is working on his new ‘games’ (yes, multiple), he will also be putting together a new podcast to keep his fans satisfied in the meantime. Arriving exclusively on Spotify, the podcast will be available in both English and Japanese versions with ‘simultaneous interpretation.’