How to use Google Maps offline

Stay on track or don’t, you won't get lost anymore!

Google maps, undoubtedly, has become the sine qua non for most people. Its importance, however, is further felt keenly when it’s not at hand, mostly when one is off the grid. Fortunately, Google Maps can also be accessed and used offline as well. How? Read on.

You can tap on your profile image in the top right corner in the Google Maps app to access "Offline Maps." Then tap on "Choose Your Own Map" from the following menu and drag the rectangle over the destination. Click download after choosing it and the map will be downloaded to your device.

The steps are simpler if you are visiting a specific city or location. Just use the search bar to look for the location and choose it and select "download maps" by tapping the three dots in the information panel's upper right corner. Instead of downloading an area, this will download a specific map.

The app will also let you know how much room it will take up on your device before it begins to download. It should be noted that your level of precision will affect how big the offline map is. The size of the offline map would be the least if you are highly exact. When auto-update is activated, the app will also update the map whenever an internet connection is available.

One thing, however, to keep in mind is that the map won't provide an accurate indication of any traffic problems because the programme loads ahead of the current time.