Ikea Dajlien is the brand’s first ever fitness collection

Tiny yet Mighty?

Ikea dropped its debut fitness line called Dajlien, a batch of home workout gear to help you keep active without leaving the house. These items aren't just for exercise—they're also nifty storage pieces that blend right into your home decor. Check out what they've got in store!

1) Dajlien Step-up board (₹2,490)

This sturdy and stylish step-up board is perfect for improving coordination, balance, and muscle strength. Bonus: it can double as a laptop stand too!

2) Dajlien Training Weight, ring-shaped (₹1,990)

Two cast iron weights each weigh 3 kg. Their round shape and textured surface make them ideal for a range of exercises targeting arm and back muscles.

3) Dajlien Exercise Mat (₹5,990)

This spacious mat is perfect whether you're exercising solo or with a partner. It's great for yoga, sit-ups, or any workout that benefits from a soft surface.

4) Dajlien 4-piece Exercise Set (₹2,990)

The yoga strap is designed to enhance your flexibility, alleviate pressure on your knees, hands, or elbows during workouts with the knee cushions, and soothe sore spots post-exercise by rolling the massage ball over them.

5) Dajlien Air Purifier (₹3,990)

This compact and adaptable air purifier delivers significant results, as per Ikea. It cleans indoor air by eliminating harmful particles and pollen, giving you the freedom to move it around for a consistently fresher breathing experience at home.