Microsoft's AI-Powered Bing Search is here to battle ChatGPT

Clash of the artificial titans

Listen up, internet dwellers. Microsoft has some big news for you. The AI-powered Bing search engine is no longer in beta and is ready to be used by all. No more waiting in line like it's a trendy club. Thanks to the viral AI chatbot ChatGPT, Bing is ready to change the game and take on Google. 

Bing is pulling out all the stops with its game-changing features, including summaries of search results, interactive chats, and even composing emails and texts based on your search results.  Now, when you search for something, Bing will give you charts and graphs to make the data more digestible than your mom's biryani. Plus, conversations on Bing Chat will be saved in a chat history so you can relive all your awkward moments with your crush. 

Oh, and Microsoft is also letting developers build third-party plugins for Bing Chat. It's like a virtual playground for developers to create all kinds of cool stuff, like a plugin that finds you the best restaurant in town and such. But wait, there's more! You can now ask questions with pictures! That's right, folks, you can finally find out what that weird-looking plant in your backyard is called without having to resort to a Google search that ends with "how to dispose of a body."

If you're an Edge user, buckle up because Edge actions are coming to town. It's like a personal assistant for your browser. Want to watch a movie? Edge will find it for you, play it for you, and even bring you popcorn. Okay, maybe not the popcorn, but you get the point.

Last but not least, Image Creator is getting a major upgrade. It now supports over 100 languages, so you can create images in your mother tongue. Plus, you can upload a photo and Bing will find related content tailored for you. 

So, there you have it, folks. Bing is better than ever and best of all it's free for all, so do head over and check it out, the next time you are in need of some artificial intelligence.