Monsoon tech guide: How to protect your gadgets against the rain

Waterproof gadgets, water-repellent bags and jackets, dehumidifiers, and moreā€¦

The monsoon season has arrived in India, and that means the chances of getting drenched every time you go out have gone up. Umbrellas and raincoats might do a decent job in keeping you dry, but rain water has a knack for finding its way into the very objects that you really need to keep it out of. The tech that you tend to carry around with you - smartphones, laptops, earphones, chargers, and accessories - can be vulnerable to water ingress, and you’ll want to keep them safe in the rain.

Keeping your gadgets safe from water isn’t too difficult, and we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to keep your expensive gizmos safe from moisture and humidity. We’ve also recommended some interesting products that are specially designed for use in the rain - check them out.

Water-resistant gadgets

Oppo F27 Pro Plus

The most effective way to keep your gadgets safe from water is for the gadgets themselves to be waterproof! Fortunately, a lot of popular smartphones and earphones already come with exceptional water resistance capabilities and ratings. Just about any IP rating is better than nothing, but the higher you go with that, the better. A water-ingress protection rating of IPX7 or better is good enough to handle even heavy rain exposure.

Many modern flagship smartphones come with a good level of water resistance; The Apple iPhone 15 series and Samsung Galaxy S24 series are among many modern phones rated IP68, which means that the device can even be submerged in fresh water at a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. So even if it gets wet from the rain while in your pocket, there’s usually nothing to worry about.

The recently launched Oppo F27 Pro+ goes one step further with IP69 protection. This means that apart from the benefits of IP66 and IP68 protection, the smartphone is also equipped to handle water exposure at extreme pressures and temperatures, making it all the more monsoon ready.

The IPX7 and above rating isn’t reserved for smartphones; many headphones and earphones also get it. True wireless earphones with water resistance include the IP68-rated Jabra Elite 8 Active, while the IP55-rated OnePlus Nord Buds 2 can also handle a fair amount of water exposure such as moderate rain.

Water-repellent backpacks and storage

Okay, your smartphone and earphones might be water resistant, but there’s a bunch of other stuff that you’ll also need to take along with you on your daily commute. Your laptop, chargers, ebook readers, and documents are vulnerable to water damage, and just as integral to your daily routine. That’s why you need a good backpack - one which can keep the water out while everything inside stays dry.

Backpacks made for watersports such as the Tribord Water Repellent 25L Backpack from Decathlon can come in handy even in the rain, with water running off the outer material and zippers to ensure everything inside stays dry. 

Alternatively, for the more tech-focused is the OnePlus Adventure Backpack, which comes in two colours and has various special storage compartments for your laptop, chargers, and other kit. It features a water-repellent coating on top of the 900D polyester fabric, which keeps the water out and insides dry.

Get a good jacket

Keeping yourself dry is the next step, once you’ve got your gadgets secured. Of course, there are plenty of good raincoats and rain jackets that you can buy, but there’s no reason to not be stylish and comfortable while you’re at it. Depending on your budget, there are various options to keep you dry in the rain.

If you’re looking at something that combines form and function, the Adidas Essentials RAIN.RDY jacket is among the best you can get. Made with recycled materials, the RAIN.RDY jacket is claimed to be fully waterproof, pushing water away from you even in a heavy downpour. Elastic cuffs and a full-sealing hood help in keeping you dry, and the jacket is also protective against strong winds.

If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, the Columbia Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket is another effective option, and can even be packed into a compact storage bag for when you need to put it away. In the entry-level segment, the Forclaz Waterproof Poncho from Decathlon is a very cost-effective way to keep you and your backpack dry.

Dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers

Sharp dehumidifier

Just being inside isn’t the end of it when it comes to the monsoon season; there’s also a notable increase in humidity when it rains. At home, this can not only be uncomfortable for you, but can also cause damage to your appliances and electronics such as televisions, speakers, game consoles, printers, and computers.

Consider getting a decent electronic dehumidifier to keep your room moisture-free, and options such as this one from Sharp have a dehumidification capacity of up to 10L per day and can work in even large rooms.

If you want to keep smaller spaces such as closets and drawers moisture-free, consider getting a disposable moisture absorber such as this. Smaller electronics and appliances, as well as clothes and shoes stored away will stay dry even in high humidity conditions.