Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Best Innovation and Projector of the Year

The top innovation and projector from 2022

After days and months of reviewing gadgets we are finally able to find the best projector and of course the device that we think has the best innovation. Read on to know more!

Innovation of the Year

Hyperice Venom 

Hyperice’s list of products can basically take care of every part of your body, and Hyperice Venom Back is specially designed for the wellbeing of your back. It applies heat and vibration in varying degrees to relax the muscles that keep your noggin upright. The device comes with no dangling cables or a power cord. It is made of neoprene (synthetic rubber) that is soft and premium and also stretchy so it wraps around most waist sizes. There is a round block on the belt with a charging port and all the controls via a touch-sensitive panel which lets you start, stop and control the three levels of heat and the three types of vibration, and also its quite easy to wear even for long durations.


● Steel Series Apex Pro ● Nothing Phone (1)

Projector of the Year

Optoma Cinemax D2

Replacing the almost sacrosanct television in the living room environment isn’t everyone’s ideal of practicality and a mammoth task for the product replacing it. But fortune favours the brave and if you even add the cost of a 100in ALR screen, the package cost along with the Optoma Cinemax D2 is probably one-third that of a 100in TV. Yes, the 3000 ANSI lumens might not sound like a new benchmark, but when you can easily watch an entire episode of Stranger Things with all the curtains open in your living room without barely compromising on anything in the way of contrast or colour fidelity, it makes for an award-winning product. No TV for this price can match its impact on sheer size, and size does matter!


BenQ X3000i ViewSonic X1000 4KOptoma UHZ50