Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Best Mobile Game of the Year

The top mobile game of 2022

Our pick for the best mobile game of the year is Knot-words. It's captivating and at the same time very enriching! So download it if you don’t still have it. 


Best Mobile Game of the Year


Knotwords looks like a bunch of miniature crossword puzzles, but play a few games and you’ll realise it’s something very different. Each puzzle is broken into pieces that resemble Tetris-style blocks. You’re provided with letters for each section, but they’re scrambled. Your job is to place each letter and make sure the entire crossword makes sense. For free, there’s a daily challenge and a set of monthly puzzles. A clever share system lets you post online how you did on a puzzle (and how long you took to complete it). It’s a brainy and fun in equal measure.



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