WTF is Telegram Premium?

Premium subscription rate for premium features

There’s Telegram, and now there’s a Telegram Premium. As the name suggests, this is essentially a paid tier for users that comes with a host of new features and benefits. It’s worth noting that this is the first time a messaging app has rolled out a premium tier where users pay for extra features. So what is this Telegram Premium, and what benefits will I get? Read on. 

What is Telegram Premium?

For starters, subscribers will be able to add up to four Telegram accounts, and also have larger bios with links and animated profile photos. Users opting for the premium tier will get double the limits that are imposed on standard users. So you get a maximum upload size of 4GB (up from 2GB), faster download speeds, ability to join 1,000 channels (up from 500), create 20 chat folders consisting of 200 chats each, save up to 10 sticker packs, and pin up to 10 chats. 
Other premium features include access to a library of premium stickers with full-screen animations, text conversion of voice messages, and no sponsored messages in public channels. Additionally, these users will also be able to use some unique animated emojis to react to messages. 
According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov there are more exclusive features on the way, but that doesn’t mean they will stop building new features for free users. The messaging app has also announced that its user base has now grown to 700 million.

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

Opting for Telegram Premium will cost you ₹469 per month. On the app, head over to Settings and scroll down till you see a new ‘Telegram Premium’ button. 
Tapping on it takes you to a new page that lists all the benefits of becoming a Premium subscriber. You can then hit the subscribe button at the bottom to activate the premium tier.