Twitter’s latest ad revenue-sharing program lets you cash in on your tweet game

Do we have to thank Threads first?

If you're a content producer with a solid following on Twitter and a Twitter Blue subscription, go ahead and expect some serious dough. How, you ask? Well, Twitter is shaking things up by paying content producers a slice of the advertising revenue generated from ads displayed in response to their posts. Dreaming about a piece of that ad pie already?

Eligibility criteria

So here's the deal, if you've had over 5 million tweet impressions per month for the past three months and you're a subscriber to Twitter Blue, you can enrol in this program. According to Elon Musk, the head honcho of Twitter, these payments will add up to a cool $5 million To meet the Creator Monetization Standards, you must successfully pass the human review process. In order to satisfy the requirements of Creator Monetization Standards, you must undergo and successfully pass a human review. The payouts will be aggregated from February onwards, so it's not just a one-time thing.

What all you’ll need to get the payout?

Twitter has teamed up with Stripe to take care of the payment distribution process. So, all you need is a Stripe account to receive your earnings. Twitter is currently in the process of rolling out this program to its first group of creators who are already eligible for payouts. So, if you're a content creator with a solid following and a Twitter Blue subscriber, get ready to potentially cash in on your tweet game. It's time to turn those impressions into some well-deserved cha-ching!

Where to apply?

Twitter is also gearing up to launch an application process for ads revenue sharing. Creators will have the opportunity to apply for both Creator Subscriptions and Creator Ads Revenue Sharing by accessing the Monetization section in their settings. This means that you will have a straightforward way to tap into potential revenue streams on the platform.

This is what people have already made

Based on what some popular producers are tweeting. Writer Brian Krassenstein, with a cool 750,000 followers, got a hefty payout of $24,305. A creator named SK, rocking it with almost 230,000 followers, believes they deserve a sweet $2,236 for their Twitter magic. The political commentator Benny Johnson, who's got a whopping 1.7 million followers, is shouting from the Twitter rooftops that he's about to pocket $9,546. It's all about those tweet impressions when it comes to Twitter's compensation game. Ashley St. Clair, a writer for the Babylon Bee, did some "napkin math" and claimed that she made $7,153. How? Well, she racked up a staggering 840 million impressions from February to July. According to her calculations, her cost per mile (CPM) - which is basically the cost per thousand impressions - would be approximately $0.0085. In other words, she earned about $8.52 for every million impressions. Now, whether individual CPMs differ from user to user is still a bit of a mystery. Not too shabby!

Is it coming to India?

According to Twitter, the availability of Creator Ads Revenue Sharing will extend to all countries where Stripe is supported for payouts. However, this also means that users in India, for now, cannot get paid to tweet. But don't lose hope just yet! Twitter may reconsider this policy in the future, opening up the possibility of earning money through tweeting for Indian users. So, stay tuned with us Indian Twitterati, as we shall apprise you as soon as there’s any news about it.