Valentine’s Day 2023: Best Tech Gifts under ₹9,999

For the love of Technology

If you are lucky enough to have found someone who tolerates you, perhaps think about gifting them something material this year to keep them distracted from your flaws. Yes, we know there are some of you who like to crusade against this commercial occasion, but if you have changed your mind and would finally like to give in to the ‘peer pressure’ and celebrate, here are some simple ways to show your significant other you truly care about them and the occasion (even if you aren’t so certain you do)! After all, when it comes to gifts, better late than never…

Fujifilm Instax Mini (₹8,299)

There is no better way to capture a moment than a polaroid camera. This retro version of an Instagram story will surprisingly make your significant other extremely delighted for some strange reason. This cam will print out decently sized images with vivid colours and high contrast. There is even a selfie option for posed pictures with your sweetheart… simply pull on the lens. Of course, nothing is complete without the little note on the bottom white border, so break out your Sharpie and profess your love in the space below!

Amazon Kindle (₹9,999)

No better way to bring the joy of reading thousands of books, than the Kindle. With an updated RAM and lighter than ever, this is the perfect way to please that little bookworm that squiggled their way into your heart!

DailyObjects 2-in-1 charger (₹3,999)

Have your endless texts and phone calls with your s/o left all your devices discharged? While the power of love and lust may be enough to keep your heart full, we can’t say the same for your phone batteries. So invest in DailyObject’s Qi-compatible wireless charging stand for your Apple-loving loved one. Boosting your phone with up to 18W, the charger can also zap your AirPods simultaneously. So you can head on all your adventures and rest assured your phone will stay by your side all night!

Philips OneBlade Pro (₹6,599)

This gift is perfect for all the hirsuit gents out there, struggling to keep their manes under control! The OneBlade Pro Face and Body trimmer can help you shave, trim and style yourself at home however you desire (provided you are skilled enough). So do the world a favour and don’t let your loved ones turn into a werewolf! (unless of course, you are into that kind of stuff…)

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer (₹7,999)

Looking for a subtle way to get your partner to cook for you more often? This is one way to go! Whether it is gifted to someone who genuinely loves cooking or even if it is just a passive-aggressive jab at someone's cooking skills, this Air Fryer is so smart, you won’t ever have to actually put those skills to use! With over 50 smart recipes, a wide temperature range for multi-functional cooking, and voice controls supported by Google Assistant, the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is a smart kitchen appliance you just need in your life!

Lego Flower Bouquet (₹6,999)

Now, this is a nerdy spin on the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Not only is it an adorable activity to do together, it even lasts forever, unlike real flowers… So get your hands on this 760-piece set to create something truly elegant with your love!

JBL Endurance Race (₹5,999)

Help your loved one stay motivated on their fitness journey with a pair of JBL’s Endurance Race earbuds, which are specially designed for the athlete. These earbuds have 6mm drivers and JBL Pure Bass sound to keep your ears pleased while your body is working hard. The buds have an IP67 water and dust resistance rating and an Enhancer and Twist Lock mechanism to secure them in place. These buds should live on regardless of whether you are sprinting in the Indian heat or simply rolling in the grass to escape another set (even if you don't).

Seagate Star Wars HDDs (₹6,999)

Is your non-platonic bestie a Star Wars-obsessed gamer? Give them the best of both worlds with one of Seagates many Star Wars-themed HDDs. You can store a universe of video, files, and games independent of the operating system thanks to the drives' 2TB storage capacity and compatibility with PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox. The drive is USB bus-powered, supports rapid transfer speeds, and features a USB 3.2 Gen 1 connection for worldwide compatibility. These little drives provide you with a ton of storage and some bragging rights as well.

DualSense Playstation 5 controller (₹7,599)

Ask any gamer, you can never have too many controllers. So this is kind of a perfect gift for your average PlayStation gamer. Get them one of these useful little wireless controllers jut in case they ever break their current one. Or hey, use it as an excuse to finally get yourself a cute controller!

Fitbit Inspire 3 (₹8,999)

Is your boo looking for a new budget fitness tracker? You can’t go wrong with Fitbit’s Inspire 3. Providing a remarkable 10-day battery, the tracker has a slimmer design, a 1.46-inch Touch Display with 72 x 128 pixels, as you'd expect from a traditional fitness band, and includes a heart rate sensor, activity monitors, stress monitors, menstrual health tracking, and other features. In contrast to the others, this one does not allow Amazon Alexa or Bluetooth calling. Nevertheless, it has a variety of sporting settings and a 50-meter water-resistant range (IP67). It is capable of receiving notifications from your phone and does support GPS.

Philips Sneaker Cleaner (₹2,549)

Are you dating/ married to a sneakerhead? While you may not want to spend the big bucks to support this strange addiction/hobby, you can still show them you care about their passions and interests with Philips’ new Sneaker Cleaner. With its three separate brushes, the Sneaker Cleaner automates rubbing and scrubbing tasks more effectively than manual cleaning would. Help them keep their Yeezys and such wrinkle- and spot-free with the aid of the A1000/60 automated appliance. The mechanism has an IPX5 waterproof rating and revolves at 500 RPM. The device is made to operate swiftly and easily and is powered by a 6V efficient 4 X AA battery with an 80-minute operating duration. So hey, they might really appreciate the help in keeping their prized possessions spotless!

DailyObjects Messenger Bag (₹3,999)

Gift your loved one a new bag to take to work. You can select one from the vast array of colour choices and designs by DailyObjects. This commuter bag has a padded laptop compartment with elastic closure that fits any laptop of upto 14 inches. So hey, with work from home coming to an end, this might be the perfect time to gift this.

Playstation plus subscription (₹5,748 for a year)

Now this will definitely make some gamer out there extremely excited! You can get a PlayStation Plus subscription all the way up to the most premium PlayStation Plus Deluxe for just ₹5,749 for 12 months. To know more about why this is a great gift, click here.

Vinyl subscription (₹8,999 for 3 months)

Some souls just remain retro. Why not give them access to a Record of the Month subscription? The Revolver Club will give you access to some of the best Vinyls out there, so retro audiophiles, it's time to go wild.

Custom bobblehead (₹8,900)

Ever envied Dwight and his bobbleheads? Now you can get your own customised ones for both you and your better half! WowHeads can take the chosen face from an image and convert it into your very own bouncing flouncing mini version.